Majd Geagea


January 21, 1989


Media Industry

design award

Founder Of
The Wise Production


Adma, Lebanon


Mechanical Engineering
from LAU

About Majd Geagea

Step into Majd Geagea's
World of Creative Brilliance

Majd Geagea, born on January 21, 1989, in the charming city of Adma, Lebanon, was shaped by a childhood filled with familial love and humble beginnings. Raised with strong values by his parents, Majd developed a keen interest in the world of entertainment from an early age and aspired to make a name for himself. Despite earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering from LAU with distinction, Majd’s true passion lay in the media industry. While pursuing his studies, he also ventured into modeling in Beirut as he sought to turn his childhood dream of fame into reality.

Enter the Visionary Realm of Majd Geagea
In 2018, Majd took a bold step by establishing The Wise Production, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey in media production. The company quickly gained recognition for its films that captivated audiences across different countries, including the dynamic cinemas of Dubai.

His name has transformed into a powerful emblem of a legacy deeply rooted in pioneering efforts and steadfast creativity.

I'm Majd Geagea

Innovation is the heartbeat of progress, and in the dynamic realm of media, staying ahead means embracing change with creativity."

Business Vision & Strategy
Business Vision & Strategy

Majd’s journey from an engineering background to the world of media production was filled with challenges, but his determination and passion drove the growth of The Wise Production. His vision for the company is to be a leading force in the media industry, producing captivating content for global audiences.

Success is not measured by the spotlight but by the lasting imprint we leave on the hearts and minds of those who experience our creations.”

Under Majd’s visionary guidance, The Wise Production is striving to become a leading influence in the global media industry. Our dedication to excellence includes a strong focus on continuous innovation and adaptability. From pioneering new techniques to integrating state-of-the-art technologies, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and ensuring that your productions are at the forefront of industry trends.
Through innovation, The Wise Production has secured contracts with esteemed platforms such as Shahed and Netflix, establishing its presence in the competitive media landscape.

Behind every successful production is a dedicated team – my team is not just colleagues; they are my creative family.